Desoco began in January 1979 as a consulting company dealing primarily with farmers and ranchers specializing in beef and grain as commodities and land.

The company originally was know as Development Solutions Corporation which of course is quite long when the internet began to type into an email address. By this time the business had shifted from producers to wholesalers and we shortened the name to Desoco to make it easier. Our patina penny logo had taken on its own identity and since our clients thought Desoco was an easier and faster way to refer to us….the change stuck.

Working with Wholesalers we began to get inquiries about other types of commodities and a number of our clients, friends and industry colleagues thought the idea of helping small businesses establish themselves and grow. The rest is a continuing evolution and history.

Today this group of seasoned investor/providers is referred to as Desoco Financial Group and number over 30.

Our primary focus is still on real estate and commodities, but, from a unique perspective. That perspective is that of the independent business that needs secondary collateral to facilitate funding or securing contracts, transactional funding mostly for real estate. (Although we have funded oil, diamonds, gold, aircraft, etc.)

If a business has a financial challenge to get to the next level we are open to help them reach their goals or direct them to a path better suited for their needs.

Over 38 years of continuos service to our clients!

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